Inventive Kids Creating a Bright Future

Our mission is to develop and enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills in children in grades K-8 through the processes of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship- while encouraging interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
We are proud to provide a forum that encourages creative and critical thinking, trains educators to pass on these skills, and showcases the rich creativity of the youth in our community at our annual event. WNY Invention Convention celebrates young inventors from public, private, and charter schools as well as home schools and Scout troops.

The effort spent on research, brainstorming, and model-making shows in each inventor’s amazing displays. Even more powerful is the sense of pride seen on each face and heard in every conversation.

Remarkable innovation is shown when students pair their creativity skills with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as they develop solutions to challenges that they've encountered in their daily lives.

The judging panels are made up of professionals from all over WNY. Judges represent many industries: Electronics, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Engineering, Law, Safety, Science, and more.

2020 Online Event Schedule

WNY Invention Convention Schedule
NOW- 5/10/20
Invention Process

Inventors research, create, test, improve their Inventions and create a 4-6 minute video.

WNY Invention Convention Schedule
Registration Opens

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WNY Invention Convention Schedule
Registration Closes

All materials must be uploaded by this time. Make sure to test your video link before uploading!

WNY Invention Convention Schedule
Winners Announced

The top 4 winners will be invited to participate in the National Invention Convention's online event.

WNY Invention Convention Schedule
WNYIC Online Award Ceremony

7pm on our Facebook page! Awards include up to 3 winners per grade level, 2 Young Inventor of the Year. Awards and 1 Director's Choice Award. All participants will be mailed a T-shirt, a Certificate and a gift. Plan a Watch Party!

WNY Invention Convention Schedule
National Invention Convention Online Awards Ceremony

Plan a Watch Party! Info to come!

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