2020 Online Invention Convention

May 3rd Event Has been Postponed
Dear Western New York Invention Convention community,
The health and well-being of our inventors, teachers, judges, and families are our top priority.
We, and our partner, The Buffalo Museum of Science, are following the guidelines that need to be followed during these difficult times.

We have decided to POSTPONE , NOT CANCEL, our May 3rd event.
This allows us to take some time to think creatively about how we may still be able to provide our inventors and their families
the experience that they had been preparing for as we know how important it is to them!

Unfortunately, we do not know how far along each school was with their on-site events before the schools closed!
Please answer the following questions and respond directly to the address below.

Thank you in advance- this information will determine how we move forward.

1. Did you hold an invention event at your school or home before the schools closed?

2. If you answered YES:
·    What is your school?
·    How many inventors and inventions had you planned to send to the May 3rd event?
·    PLEASE register your students at wnykidsinvent.org (but do not pay yet)

3. If you answered NO because schools closed before your event was held:
·   What is your school?
·   How many inventors and inventions were to be involved in your planned event?
·   How far along were the students with their inventions? (please be specific)

4. If you answered either YES or NO :
·   Are you able to be in touch with students or their parents?